Project Description

Car Vehicle Inspection Line

Car vehicle inspection line usually with the truck vehicle inspection to one complete inspection station for vehicle safety checking. Some small inspection stations have 2 car vehicle lines and 1 truck vehicle. Some stations maybe has more around 6 lines.

  • It’s the complete test lane that can test brake performance, headlight, and exhaust.
  • Mostly used in the vehicle inspection station.

Projects Pictures

Stage 1 equipment: Gas analyzer and opacimeter

Testing exhaust testing. Gas analyzer for a petrol vehicle, opacimeter for a diesel vehicle.

Gas Analyzer
Brake,suspension and sideslip tester

Stage 2 equipment are: brake tester, suspension tester and sideslip tester.

Testing vehicle brake force, brake imbalance, axle load, suspension system.

Stage 3 equipment: play detector

Testing vehicle underbody using a torch to visual check joint ball, suspension system.

Play Detector

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