Project Description

JZ Container mobile test lane gives a solution to some island or rural area for vehicle annual inspection. Embedded with the silent generator is providing the power to the equipment.

Container mobile inspection lane include self-support generator, the brake tester, sideslip tester, headlight tester, gas analyzer.

The hydraulic system can easily make the container open and close. The compact design embedded all the testing equipment in one container which can easily move. It makes the mobile testing happened.

Mobile brake tester can test axle load 3T car;

Mobile design, no need the construction and can move to any place;

Embedded brake tester, sideslip tester, suspension tester, Play detector headlight tester, gas and smoke meter complete one inspection line;

Embedded with the silent generator making testing any place;

Hydraulic system saving the labor cost;

Fully automatic system easy and efficient;

Container Mobile test lane tablelet

Tablelet in the vehicle can see the testing steps easily;

headlight tester

Headlight tester testing the vehicle low beam and high beam;

Suspension testing

Dynamic Suspension tester with load measurement;

Brake Testing

Brake tester to check the brake force, imbalance, efficiency;

play detector

Compact design of Play detector with 4 directions move;

gas analyzer

Gas Analyser for checking petrol vehicle exhaust system


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