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2023 Automechanika Exhibition Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai is set to take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) on 29 November to 2 December 2023. As one of the most influential gateways for information exchange, marketing, trade and education, the show will lean upon Innovation4Mobility to reinforce areas of the supply chain that are rapidly evolving. [...]

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The Importance of Vehicle Annual Inspection Stations

Ask For a Quote As vehicles play an integral role in our daily lives, ensuring their safety and roadworthiness is of paramount importance. To achieve this, many countries have implemented mandatory annual vehicle inspections to assess the condition and functionality of vehicles. The purpose of the vehicle inspection are: Enhanced Road Safety: [...]

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What’s the remote sensing device?

Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Remote Sensing equipment measures vehicle emissions from the roadside while a camera photographs the vehicle's license plate. Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed emissions analyzers that are placed at fixed locations or in mobile units to measure specific vehicle emissions using low-intensity infrared and ultraviolet beams. Remote sensing using [...]

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Vehicle Technic Inspection at Laos

Laos landlocked country of northeast-central mainland Southeast Asia. It with a population of 7 million.  In the capital, Vientiane has 0.9 million people and vehicles around 0.6 million. Currently, the vehicle tested annually is around 10%, most vehicles on the road did’t do test. For the safety of the drivers and passengers our [...]

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New Satisfied Client –Vehicle Inspection Station

New Satisfied Client –Vehicle Inspection Station This is our new client feedback. After he purchased 15T vehicle inspection equipment last year he gave us an order about the car test lane again. His team is also amazing as you know due to pandemic it’s really hard to travel. The client was using our [...]

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Hot Summer

It’s a hot summer daily 38 degrees; It’s still a pandemic we cannot go anyplace freely; It’s a hard time as Shanghai locked almost 90 days; It’s the best time for shipping as freight is half price as before. Even hot, pandemic, hard time, our old client still support us for shipping 20GP container [...]

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Why Should I Buy from Your Company?

Lots of clients asked us questions: Why should I buy vehicle inspection lane from you? Correct, it’s a common and right question to ask before you purchase. The reasons why choose us let me explain: 1) Our factory with 16 years’ experience in the vehicle inspection line. Follow the latest technology; inspect the each [...]

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