Brake Tester

New Zealand has a population of 4.8 million with a vehicle of around 3.7 million. In New Zealand, there is no vehicle inspection station instead of workshops. The workshop can carry the vehicle repair, maintenance also Fitness checking. It’s similar to UK MOT testing. Testing type divided by private car and truck commercial vehicle.

For the small vehicle do WoF (Warrant of Fitness) testing, new vehicle 1st 3 years no need to test. After 3 years it needs annual testing. There are around 3200 authorized workshops can do WoF testing.

Commercial and Truck do the CoF (Certificate of Fitness) testing. It needs to test every 6 months there are around 330 workshops that can do CoF testing.

To supply the brake tester in New Zealand it must be approved by NZTA. Please visit the NZTA official website for more approved suppliers

In the workshop mostly have the portable brake tester which foot brake to check. Some workshops had the equipment of VTEQ or Bessibarth for more than 10 years and some don’t have the brake tester. Installing the brake tester in the workshop is costly because it needs some department approval so most clients prefer the mobile brake tester.

We have the roller brake tester, mobile brake tester for your choice. For more information please contact us a