The Importance of Vehicle Annual Inspection Stations

Ask For a Quote As vehicles play an integral role in our daily lives, ensuring their safety and roadworthiness is of paramount importance. To achieve this, many countries have implemented mandatory annual vehicle inspections to assess the condition and functionality of vehicles. The purpose of the vehicle inspection are: Enhanced Road Safety: [...]

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What’s the remote sensing device?

Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Remote Sensing equipment measures vehicle emissions from the roadside while a camera photographs the vehicle's license plate. Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed emissions analyzers that are placed at fixed locations or in mobile units to measure specific vehicle emissions using low-intensity infrared and ultraviolet beams. Remote sensing using [...]

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Why Should I Buy from Your Company?

Lots of clients asked us questions: Why should I buy vehicle inspection lane from you? Correct, it’s a common and right question to ask before you purchase. The reasons why choose us let me explain: 1) Our factory with 16 years’ experience in the vehicle inspection line. Follow the latest technology; inspect the each [...]

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How to Install JZ Vehicle Inspection Line?

Before you bought our vehicle inspection line you probably thinking about how to install this big heavy vehicle inspection machine. It’s true that the test lane machine with the hardware and software are not easy to install. But if you strictly follow our instructions and have knowledge of electricity it will be easy for [...]

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Which headlight tester is better for you?

The headlamp beam tester is an instrument to check the intensity of a vehicle headlamp to ensure safety during driving. There are different types of headlight tester: manual headlight tester, semi-automatic, fully-automatic headlight. The manual headlight tester needs the operator to adjust the instrument and let the vehicle light source in the middle of [...]

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Case Study-Somaliland

Somaliland is on the horn of Africa. Vehicle inspection is new to their country. Before we officially supplied in their country, the government went to Ethiopia for research. We entered Ethiopia's vehicle testing inspection markets in 2012 after years of development we are a major player in the market. Ethiopia also had VTEQ, RYME, [...]

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Which Vehicle Inspection Lane Are you Looking For?

Some clients are always puzzled about which test lane should choose. This article gives a clear idea of which is the perfect one for your vehicle inspection station. If still have no ideal please contact us at sales@jzautotest.com. Car Vehicle Test Lane for axle Load 3T; Can Tester 2WD and [...]

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How to choose the vehicle inspection center equipment supplier in China?

The vehicle inspection center is dedicated to keeping the safety of the vehicle as well as the driver. It is carried worldwide such as MOT in the UK. In China, there are some suppliers in this area but not too many. Due to the standard in each country is different. [...]

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Technical Vehicle Inspection Station-Single Line

20210708 Single Station Proposal This proposal is for vehicle inspection stations carrying the annual vehicle inspection using one vehicle inspection line. In some countries due to the cost or the vehicle numbers some station probably only have one line. In each line has the equipment of: brake tester, sideslip tester, suspension tester, [...]

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