General information:

In China the vehicle inspection center belonged to the police department before right now all open to the private company. We have safety test lane, environment checking test lane.

In safety test lane have equipment: Brake tester with load simulator, sideslip tester, play detector, headlight tester, dyno tester; Environment test will be emission and exhaust tester.

In China the private new vehicle in the first 6 years no need to test. After 6 years each year need to be inspected. Commercial and truck every 6 months need to check.

Site planning:

The site requires at least 110 meters long with 55 meters wide for testing area not include the office and parking area. Usually one bay is 7 meters wide. It’s like the following

China Vehicle Inspection center


For the inspection line each equipment has the digital display+LED display, all the testing data will transfer to Server automatically for printing and saving.

The testing process may be different according to the different site planning: It can be axle load tester, brake tester, speedometer tester, sideslip tester, play detector, headlight tester, dyno tester, exhaust emission testing.


SIMT department will onsite to calibrate all the equipment before the station officially opening. Once it approval will give the certificate.

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