• Mobile remote sensing device

What’s the remote sensing device?

Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Remote Sensing equipment measures vehicle emissions from the roadside while a camera photographs the vehicle's license plate. Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed emissions analyzers that are placed at [...]

  • truck test lane

Why Should I Buy from Your Company?

Lots of clients asked us questions: Why should I buy vehicle inspection lane from you? Correct, it’s a common and right question to ask before you purchase. The reasons why choose us let me [...]

  • Vehicle inspection line connection

How to Install JZ Vehicle Inspection Line?

Before you bought our vehicle inspection line you probably thinking about how to install this big heavy vehicle inspection machine. It’s true that the test lane machine with the hardware and software are not [...]

  • Automatic Headlight Tester

Which headlight tester is better for you?

The headlamp beam tester is an instrument to check the intensity of a vehicle headlamp to ensure safety during driving. There are different types of headlight tester: manual headlight tester, semi-automatic, fully-automatic headlight. The [...]

  • 10T universal Test Lane

Case Study-Somaliland

Somaliland is on the horn of Africa. Vehicle inspection is new to their country. Before we officially supplied in their country, the government went to Ethiopia for research. We entered Ethiopia's vehicle testing inspection [...]


Garage Workshop Equipment

In the car repair center or the car sell center there is tyre changer, lift, wheel balancer… for checking the vehicle function. It’s also important to have the test lane for your garage workshop. [...]

  • 10T truck test lane

Technical Vehicle Inspection Station-Single Line

20210708 Single Station Proposal This proposal is for vehicle inspection stations carrying the annual vehicle inspection using one vehicle inspection line. In some countries due to the cost or the vehicle numbers [...]

  • Vehicle testing Center

Vehicle Inpection Station

More Information Multi-Inspection Station Proposal Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection station widely used in each country. The equipment is similar in different countries. In this article, we will introduce the multi-stage [...]

  • Ethiopia Tricycle

Ethiopia Vehicle Inspection Market

Download Ethiopia is a landlocked country located on the Horn of Africa, in the east of the continent. The country covers an area of 1,126,829 km² and shares borders [...]

  • technical control line (

Uzbekistan Technical Control Line

Uzbekistan is a Russian language country and even close to China but the most Technical Control Line using Russian brand like GARO or Meta. In recent years, private companies can open [...]

Looking Forward

2020 is a hard year for all of us due to the pandemic. This is 1st year of JZ Trade even in this hard situation we get a fruitful year. We developed some [...]

  • Manual Headlight Tester

Ghana Vehicle Inspection Research

Ghana is one of the rapidly developing countries in Africa. Natural resources enriched the country and GDP growth by 8.7% in 2012. Most vehicles are 2nd hand Japanese brands like Toyota, [...]

  • India Vehicle Inspection

India Vehicle Inspection Market Research

This is research about the INDIA Vehicle Inspection market. In this PPT it divides into 3 fields: Background, current, and future. India with the population of 1,360,000,000 and 267,920,000 vehicles. In the past [...]

  • Brake Tester

Brake Tester Market at New Zealand

New Zealand has a population of 4.8 million with a vehicle of around 3.7 million. In New Zealand, there is no vehicle inspection station instead of workshops. The workshop can carry the vehicle [...]

  • Combined Brake tester

Combined Brake Tester

In some countries, the motorcycle and car need to be tested also the tricycle need to be tested. Usually, we provide the brake tester for car or for motorcycles separately. Now we have [...]

  • Gas Analyser

Gas Analyzer Calibration

Gas analyzer is for petrol vehicles checking the exhaust system. After one year using we suggest to calibrate for accurate measurement. In the standard package, there are 2 gas bottles for calibration. [...]

How to calibrate sideslip tester

Sideslip Tester Calibration Sideslip tester is for checking the vehicle deviation of the axle. It’s the simple testing machine and quick to get the vehicle deviation. In China, most inspection centers use dual or [...]

  • China Vehicle Inspection center

China Vehicle Inspection Center

General information: In China the vehicle inspection center belonged to the police department before right now all open to the private company. We have safety test lane, environment checking test lane. In safety test [...]

  • Brake Tester

What is Brake Tester?

Brake Tester Machine What is Brake tester? Brake tester is a tester for checking automotive braking system. Brake Tester usually has 3 different types: Roller brake tester, plate brake tester, handhold brake tester. [...]