In the car repair center or the car sell center there is tyre changer, lift, wheel balancer… for checking the vehicle function. It’s also important to have the test lane for your garage workshop.

Brake is one of the major safety functions of the vehicle. Brake test line is for checking the brake of vehicle. In the car sell center mostly have this equipment for carrying testing like Toyota, Honda , Benz, BMW, VW…. Some countries like UK, Germany, NEW Zealand, Australia the garage workshop can carry the MOT testing.

There are different equipment for the garage workshop mostly popular is brake, sideslip and suspension test lane. The brake tester with 4WD function can test both 2WD and 4WD vehicles. Sideslip checking vehicle deviation if fail can go to wheel alignment. Suspension tester is for checking the vehicle suspension safety. Some garage workshop may have the brake tester only.

JZ-3BSUSI test lane is the popular one for the car sell center.

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Workshop Brake Testing Machine