The headlamp beam tester is an instrument to check the intensity of a vehicle headlamp to ensure safety during driving.

There are different types of headlight tester: manual headlight tester, semi-automatic, fully-automatic headlight.

The manual headlight tester needs the operator to adjust the instrument and let the vehicle light source in the middle of the screen. It requests the floor should be leveraged. Manual headlamp tester is cost-saving and low efficiency. It takes around 8-12 minutes to finish one test. It is widely used in garage workshops.

The Semi-automatic with the rail can get the light source easier than the manual one. But the working efficiency is also not high.

The automatic headlight tester can source the vehicle automatically and finish testing within 40 seconds. It is widely used in a busy places like vehicle inspection stations.

Conclusion Garages usually have the manual headlight tester, vehicle inspection centers usually have the automatic headlight tester.

Price from low to high is Semi headlight tester < Semi Headlight tester< Automatic Headlight tester.