Vehicle Inspection Station

The vehicle inspection center is dedicated to keeping the safety of the vehicle as well as the driver. It is carried worldwide such as MOT in the UK.

In China, there are some suppliers in this area but not too many. Due to the standard in each country is different. If the selected unreliable supplier will be lots of troubles not only waste money but also time.

Here are some tips for the right supplier:

1) Quality: Quality first if unlucky to have a bad quality will be a disaster. How to know the quality? Because the test lane is a quite big machine impossible to make a sample. The best way is to see if the supplier has repeat orders from the same clients, the longer the better. The supplier has the clients in the developed country also can prove quality is not bad.

2) Supplier cooperation: In each country, the standard is quite different so it probably needs the supplier to make some small changes. During communication, you can feel if the suppliers fully cooperate to make changes. The most important is the software developed by the supplier.

3) Aftersales service: Vehicle Inspection Station machines not only have the hardware of the bench but also have the software. After long time using it definitely need some maintenance. Without the maintenance, all will be on yours even worse without the spare parts. We met lots of the clients who asked us to do the service but the issue is different suppliers the boards are different so it will be hard for another supplier to do the service.

Select the right supplier is not only helps you to make the money but also saves you time.