Before you bought our vehicle inspection line you probably thinking about how to install this big heavy vehicle inspection machine. It’s true that the test lane machine with the hardware and software are not easy to install. But if you strictly follow our instructions and have knowledge of electricity it will be easy for you.

Why did I say that? Because we had plenty of cases which clients installed the machine without our assistant. We also had lots of clients mentioned our installation is quite easy .The reasons are the following:

1) We provide the detail construction drawing according to client’s site situation like the following: vehicle inspection station with car and truck test lane

Vehicle TestLane Drawing
car test lane installation

2) Except the drawing, we also provide the detail instruction for the vehicle inspection line connection step by step:

vehicle test lane install step
vehicle inspection install step
vehicle inspection install step

3) Easy to plug-in system which you can see each connection with the mark so you can easy to connect;

Vehicle inspection line connection

4) Except that we also provide the online support which can check the connection remotely;

If you are still wonder or afraid of how to do it contact us for more information.