2020 is a hard year for all of us due to the pandemic. This is 1st year of JZ Trade even in this hard situation we get a fruitful year.

We developed some new countries and understand the market. The most important is not about selling test lane equipment but about providing a suitable solution for clients, know the market rule, make clients getting a margin. Only clients win we can win and walk together.

Pushing clients to order advance or postpone due to incredible freight charges for example CALLAO before 1000-1500USD right now more than 5000USD. Plus shortage of container even at Dec. the driver waiting 2 days to get a container, some more terrible didn’t get container and vessel leave. Luckily all our orders shipped.

The more we go the more we understand is thinking about things on the client’s side, only with this we can understand more, know more and get more.

Prosperous in 2021.