Due to the pandemic, lots of the suppliers didn’t come to the 16th Automechanika exhibition. We can see half the hall is empty.

In the exhibition we did found something with new idea.

1) Electric Jack: is compact and easy to lift tire for changing tire also can inflate the tire. Pictures as followed. You see the video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivY477HIHAE

12V Electric Jack
Electric Jack

2) The silicone wiper: my car current using 3M only after1 year it seems aging. During the exhibition, we found there is a Japanese wiper which using silicone after wiping it a clearer vision from the inside the camera. For more information please visit their website http://en.mita-sfy.com/wproducts_content-192989.html

silicone wiper
Japanese Silicone Wiper

3) Mobile service van: inside embedded the lift, tire changer, and tools. The ideal is good and the market needs to be proven. Pictures attached.

Service Lift
Service van