• container mobile inspection line

Container Mobile Test Lane

A container mobile test lane is a fully equipped vehicle testing facility housed within a container, designed for mobility and flexibility in conducting vehicle inspections. These units typically include [...]

  • vehicle brake testing

Vehicle Inspection Equipment loaded

In the past few years, we have been dedicated to providing reliable and qualified equipment to the vehicle inspection center. We appreciate our clients support. Step by step we [...]

  • 2024 New Year Holiday

2024 New Year Holiday

2024 New Year Holiday 2024 New Year Holiday from 3rd Feb.-15th Feb. 2023 orders will ship before 20th Jan. If not it will ship after 20th Feb. 2024. [...]


Electric Vehicles Inspection

The global shift towards sustainable transportation has seen a surge in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) over recent years. As these eco-friendly automobiles become increasingly on our roads, [...]

  • Container Mobile in Rural area

Container Mobile Vehicle Inspection Test Line

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for innovative solutions to everyday problems is ever-increasing. One such innovation that has been gaining traction around the globe is the concept of [...]

  • 2023 National Holiday

2023 National Holiday Notice

HOLIDAY NOTICE As we approach the upcoming holiday season, we would like to inform you about the China 2023 National Holiday, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival and [...]

  • Automechanika Shanghai

2023 Automechanika Exhibition Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai is set to take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) on 29 November to 2 December 2023. As one of the most influential gateways [...]

  • Mobile remote sensing device

What’s the remote sensing device?

Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Remote Sensing equipment measures vehicle emissions from the roadside while a camera photographs the vehicle's license plate. Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed emissions [...]

  • JZ Truck brake testing

Vehicle Technic Inspection at Laos

Laos landlocked country of northeast-central mainland Southeast Asia. It with a population of 7 million.  In the capital, Vientiane has 0.9 million people and vehicles around 0.6 million. [...]

  • Mobile Inspection Station

Mobile Inspection Station

Vehicle inspection is mandatory testing for the safety of the on-road vehicle. Some countries have lots of islands or in the rural area, it will be difficult for [...]

  • 2023 New Year Holiday

2023 New Year Holiday

2023 New Year Holiday from 14th Jan-28th Jan. 2023 Last Shipping cut time: 30th Dec. 2022 Schedule: our production schedule is to 15th Dec. Now. If need to [...]


Container Mobile Test Lane

Do you want to have one test lane can test any place? No limit for the place will be a better solution for the rural area. JZ container [...]


Hot Summer

It’s a hot summer daily 38 degrees; It’s still a pandemic we cannot go anyplace freely; It’s a hard time as Shanghai locked almost 90 days; It’s the best [...]

  • Laos vehicle inspection

Vehicle Inspection-Laos

One of our clients in Laos installed our truck vehicle test lane with the motorcycle brake tester for annual vehicle inspection. This test lane can test car, truck and [...]

  • 2022 NEW YEAR

2022 New Year Holiday

2022 New Year Holiday In the past 2021 everything goes crazy and we hope 2022 will be a normal year! The Chinese New Year we [...]

  • JZ Universal Test Lane

10T Universal Test Lane Shipped

This is Universal Test Lane we sold lots in Africa. A universal test lane with the 10T axle load brake tester can test both car and truck. It's [...]

  • 2022 NEW YEAR

2021 Order Plan

The year 2021 is almost over. We have seen freight prices rise each month, factory power cuts occasionally, and material costs rise continuously over the past year. It's [...]


New Brake Tester Launched

Motorcycle & Three-wheel Brake Tester Launched Dedicated to providing the best solution for clients. Each year we will launch new products according to the [...]

  • Mobile Test Lane

Container Mobile Test Lane

Establish Vehicle inspection in the village and town except costly also need the time and money to run it. For solving this issue we together with agent developed [...]

  • 2021 New Year

2021 Chinese New Year

2020 is a hard year for all of us. Due to the pandemic, we realize the importance of harmony between nature and human beings, the fragility of life. [...]