This proposal is for vehicle inspection stations carrying the annual vehicle inspection using one vehicle inspection line.

In some countries due to the cost or the vehicle numbers some station probably only have one line. In each line has the equipment of: brake tester, sideslip tester, suspension tester, play detector, sound lever meter, headlight tester, gas analyzer, smoke meter. One single line has one control system testing one vehicle at the same time.

Benefit: 1) Cost saving;

2) Space saving;

3) Can update to the multistage once the tested vehicle grows;

Disadvantage: 1) Low working efficiency;

2) Cannot carry to test all kind of vehicles.

In the system has one control to testing vehicles, save data and print.

With this system it can test almost 50 vehicles per day. The system with the LED display can see the testing steps easily. Here are some inspection station pictures for reference.