Vehicle testing Center

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Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection station widely used in each country. The equipment is similar in different countries. In this article, we will introduce the multi-stage vehicle inspection center.

For the vehicle inspection station with 3 lines at least, 2 for cars and 1 for the truck. Some busy inspection stations may have 6 or 8 lines.

In each line has the equipment of brake tester, sideslip tester, suspension tester, play detector, sound lever meter, headlight tester, gas analyzer, smoke meter. One single line has 2-3 stages which can test 2-3 vehicles at the same time. One line can test 200-300 vehicles per day. It highly improves the working efficiency. Pictures as following

vehicle roadworthy inspection

This system has a management system which is for: register vehicles, send data to the inspection lane, getting results, save it and print it. With the management system, it can be more efficient as all the results will transfer to the server directly.

For details of the equipment and proposal please check the left PDF documents.