Brake Tester Machine

What is Brake tester?

Brake tester is a tester for checking automotive braking system. Brake Tester usually has 3 different types: Roller brake tester, plate brake tester, handhold brake tester.

Roller Brake Tester

Roller Brake Tester

2 plate brake testing

Plate Brake Tester

handheld brake

Handheld Brake Tester

Mostly internationally use the roller type. Roller brake tester with the gearbox to start testing, software control the motor stop or not, sensors to get the data.

Plate type is easy. A measurement of the braking force is made when a vehicle passes over the plates and then applies its brakes. Due to the nature of it dynamic operation, the driver speed and weather affect the testing result. Plate brake testers are far less common than roller brake testers

Handheld type it calculates braking efficiency by using those forces captured during a vehicle’s deceleration. And is low efficiency reading so not too much using worldwide.

Why do you need to check brake?

Mostly accident occurred by the malfunctioned brake. Ensure drivers’ safety and decline road accidents the brake needed to be tested.

What did brake tester checking?

Brake tester is to check brake force, brake efficiency, brake imbalance.

Efficiency % =Total Brake Force/Total Vehicle Weight x 100%

Imbalance % =(High Brake Force – Low Brake Force)/ High Brake Force x 100%

Mostly countries mini brake efficiency is 50%, imbalance is 25%. It maybe different in different countries.